Commissions & Policies

Updated September 2018.

General commissions are CLOSED. Semi-custom Cloud Antelopes and foxes are in the works. I am hoping to have them available in time for Christmas. 

I can be reached at for commission-related inquiries and any other questions you might have – don’t be a stranger!


Payment Plans (applicable to anything, commission or not)

  • Unless otherwise noted, whenever I’m discussing funds I will be using US dollars. Paypal and Etsy will convert this for you.
  • Payment plans can be made with up to 4 payments. (All payments don’t have to be the same amount – you could give me, say 50% and then 20% and then 30%. I just want no more than 4 payments per person per transaction. Otherwise it tends to evolve into a very confusing, drawn out situation.) It’s nice if you can predict when these payments will take place (eg, 1 per month) but if you need to adjust the timing for whatever reason, I understand and can work with you! I care a lot less about how long it takes you to pay me than I care that you pay me eventually.  
  • If the creature/item is in my Etsy shop, you will use the “other” payment option. This will mark it as sold, but you won’t have to pay on Etsy. I will then send you money requests on Paypal or you can mail me checks.
  • Payments will be made via paypal or check, or sometimes Etsy listings. I would actually love it if you sent me checks – these other 3rd parties take a cut.
  • I will ship your creature/item when it is paid for in full, including shipping.
  • If for whatever reason you decide to cancel a payment plan before it is complete, and you communicate to me that this is the case, I will refund 25% of the payments that you have made. If you ghost me for more than a month, I will assume that you have abandoned me, and you will not receive a refund. (By “ghost” I mean that you are not responding to emails and generally being completely unresponsive and unreachable).



  • I will ship anywhere in the world that the post office lets me.
  • I will use insurance and tracking whenever possible. (International shipments may not offer these)
  • Shipping for normal-sized creatures ~ $16 USA, $56 everywhere else. Shipping for Mmpoffs and other small items that cost less than $400 ~ $6 USA, $18 everywhere else.
  • If you want expedited shipping of any variety, I can oblige. It will cost extra.
  • I am not responsible for customs fees, delays, etc, that occur after I have shipped the doll, and I will not falsely mark international packages as gifts.
  • I use recycled shipping materials whenever possible, because it’s easier on Mother Earth. Your creature will probably arrive in a reused Amazon box.