Emerald Mmpoff

2017 Emerald Mmpoff moneyshot etsy.jpg

Mmpoffs appear to be part spider, part adorable floof. They are most commonly seen on nights when the aurora borealis is at its brightest, when they will amass in groups of up to thirty individuals and sit watching the sky. Not much is known about their rather unusual physiology, save that they usually have a teal coloration, with some more green or blue than others. Pink or purple specimens have been reported, but are exceedingly uncommon. Some believe that mmpoffs have hypnotic and/or telepathic powers, but this has not been scientifically proven.

This particular emerald-colored specimen differs from the first one I have seen, in that it has 2 claws per foot instead of 3, and an extra pair of eyes. This begs the question of whether there are multiple species of mmpoff, or if they simply display a wide range of morphology. (The original Mmpoff can be seen here: https://cmwyvern.com/2017/04/28/mmpoff/)

Emerald Mmpoff is approximately 10” long and 5” tall. It is well balanced despite its enormous head to body ratio, and can be coaxed into standing on its hind legs, or even doing a handstand!

About CMWyvern posable art dolls:
Faces, feet, claws, and spikes are sculpted from polymer clay and painted with high quality acrylics – the only molds use are for the eyes (which are also polymer clay). The body is constructed from batting wrapped around a sturdy wire armature, allowing the doll to be posed. The faux fur is cut into custom patterns for each doll (usually 7-10 individual pieces), and hand sewn over the batting before being trimmed and colored. The fur remains completely soft and plush after being dyed.