Eastern Coral Dragon

Coral Dragon etsy 4

Eastern Coral Dragon enjoys sunning himself on warm rocks, despite the fact that he is warm blooded and fluffy. The spots along his snout are sensory organs similar to those possessed by snakes, allowing him to sense infrared. While his wild cousins use this ability to find prey in dimly lit environments, this tame Eastern Coral Dragon will use his heat-seeing skills to find you for cuddles.

Eastern Coral Dragon is a one-of-a-kind posable art doll, featuring individually posable claws. His body is covered in soft hand painted faux fur, and his face and claws are polymer clay painted with acrylics. His eyes, nose, and claws are sealed with polyurethane for shine and durability. He measures 28″ nose to tail.

Coral Dragon Square 4Coral Dragon Etsy 3Coral Dragon Etsy 2

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