Charger 01

Charger One-02.jpg

An induction charging system for smartphones, designed in collaboration with Electrical Engineering senior Jacie Unpingco. It can be stationed on a desk or thrown in a backpack and used on the go, thanks too a built-in battery.

Charger One-07.jpg

Current flowing through the transmitter coil in the charger creates an alternating magnetic flux which is transferred to the receiver coil in the phone, inducing current which charges the device. Induction charging ranges is around 10mm. It is increasingly common for phones to come already enabled for wireless charging, and specialized charging cases are available for many models which are not.

Relatively few wireless chargers are currently available, leaving lots of room to innovate. Charger 01 is a mobil smart charger featuring auto shutoff, overheat detection, a battery for use as a portable power power pack, all housed within form language that compliments the phone.

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Charger One-05

Ideations were refined into several concepts, and the final direction was selected with input from my EE partner Jacie.

Charger One-06.jpg

Foam sketch models were helpful for figuring out scale and proportion, and manufacturing details were considered.

Charger One-03

The final CAD model includes the PCB designed by Jacie, as well as a lithium-ion battery and induction coil she purchased to test a functional prototype of the charger concept.

Charger One-08